Important meeting in west Essex to discuss changes being made to health services

OVER 50 people packed the old Courtroom in Saffron Walden Town Hall to hear how the community healthcare provider SEPT had been awarded the contact to provide services in the west Essex area.

Next week, however, an even more important meeting will be held by NHS West Essex on Monday (Feb 28) in Uttlesford District Council Offices at 7.30pm.

This meeting will discuss a range of issues, such as: how to make the most of new treatments and preventative care to avoid people having to go into hospital; how to organise emergency and urgent care services; how we are progressing with improvements for people with long term conditions; and how could we achieve savings to our local NHS every year by reducing wasted medicine.

Because of the extensive changes being made to the NHS it is important that as many people as possible attend this meeting, so that we can be well-informed and make our voices heard about the changes being made to our health service.

Anyone who would like to attend is asked to contact NHS West Essex communications manager David Jackman: e-mail or ring 01992 566120.