Innovative new app spells end of cold showers for domestic oil users

DOMESTIC oil users will never again face a cold shower or have to pile on jumpers because they’ve run out of oil thanks to the launch of the new App.

Check-my-tank App allows users to monitor their tank to see how much they have, how much they are using and when they will run out, as well as compare prices.

The system is available to anyone with a smartphone, Mac or PC connected to the internet, allowing monitoring and re-ordering from anywhere in the world.

Alan Smith, who developed the App, said: “Domestic oil users want to know that they’re not going to run out of oil when they switch the heating on, and that their supplies are protected against thefts or leaks. With the uncertainty of oil prices, they want to know they’re using their oil efficiently.

“The Check-my-tank App delivers a cost-effective and convenient solution to all these concerns. It really puts users in control: not only will it ensure they never run out, it also helps them use their supply more efficiently. Check-my-tank provides a raft of measures to help users experiment with their appliances to use less oil and make real energy and cost savings.”

The App sends alerts at 30, 20 and every day from 10 days to empty so users never run out again while an in-built safety feature sends real-time alerts if levels drop suddenly, helping to identify potential leaks or even thefts.

It will show users how much oil they need to order and how long an order plus their current supply is expected to last so that users can decide exactly how much they need and not over-order. Users can arrange delivery and will receive an alert when the oil is delivered, confirming the exact amount, meaning that oil users need no longer be tied at home waiting for a delivery and can be confident that they’ve received what they ordered.

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To sign up to the service, consumers pay an initial one-off fee of �150 for the tank kit and modem, followed by a monitoring charge of just �1 per week. For more information, visit