iPhone: Essex Cares launches new app

FAMIILIES searching for information about carers can now use the new iPhone application from Essex Cares.

The app is able to pinpoint a user’s current location and let them find services nearby, or alternatively the user can type in a post code or location and search for a specified type of service in that area. The results will not only return the contact details for each site, but also detail the types of support available there including specific activities and any costs associated with them.

The app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store – for more information and a preview of the app you can visit itunes.apple.com/gb/app/essex-cares/id429393836?mt=8

Mark Lloyd, Essex Cares’ Managing Director says: “We are always striving to make our services as accessible as possible to people, ensuring that we provide information to service users and family members in a way that is quick and convenient to them.”

An Essex Cares spokesperson said: “This iPhone development is the first step of a new digital marketing phase for Essex Cares; we hope to develop the app further in the future to enable service users to book places at our centres and appointments for services in their homes as well as a way of sharing the latest news and views.”

You can also follow Essex Cares on Facebook and Twitter, providing up to the minute news and information about services, events and job vacancies.