Jeremy Clarkson and co. inspire Newport charity escapade

A GROUP of youngsters have lent their support to a Top Gear-inspired challenge aimed at raising money for a village youth centre.

Newport youth centre chairman and volunteer Andrew Yarwood will be donning his racing suit for the charity escapade as he sets off to find out just how economical his car his.

Mr Yarwood, who is also the chairman of the parish council, will fill his SAAB estate will two gallons of petrol on Saturday (April 14).

He will then attempt to complete a 78.3 mile round-trip to Bury St Edmunds before the car chugs to a halt.

The aim is to raise money to help pay off the cost of building the youth centre, opened last July.

Donations have been made by guessing exactly how many miles will be done before the car runs out of petrol.

Mr Yarwood has promised to buy the winner a bottle of champagne.

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“In the unlikely event that I make it back home, we will use the champagne to celebrate Formula One style,” he said.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can call Mr Yarwood on 07714 708815 or go along to the youth centre from 1.30pm on Saturday.