Uttlesford climate czar sets out environmental goals amid COP26

Main image: Prime Minister Boris Johnson at COP26 in Glasgow; Insets: Cllr Louise Pepper (Uttlesford) and a London cycleway

Councillor Louise Pepper (top inset) says transport reforms, home insulation and training for work in green industries are top priorities after COP26 in Glasgow - Credit: PA/Uttlesford District Council/Will Durrant

Uttlesford's climate czar has called on the government to plough cash into rural districts to help them meet their environmental ambitions.

Councillor Louise Pepper, who is responsible for green issues at Uttlesford District Council, said the United Nations' COP26 in Glasgow is a chance to review rural climate priorities.

Cllr Pepper said: "If we are going to be serious about mitigating climate crises, the government has to look at rural communities."

She said home insulation, "green education" and more varied transport options should be the district's priorities following the Glasgow summit.

Cllr Pepper said: "Transport reform is a must.

"There are benefits - environmental and for mental and physical health - to cycling.

"But cycle paths in towns are no good if you can't get from place to place.

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"We have the ideas to make a difference.

"The government needs to put money into rural districts to turn our ambitions into a reality."