New Uttlesford District Council chair appointed

A man wearing a chairman's chain: Cllr Arthur Coote

Cllr Arthur Coote, Uttlesford District Council Chair - Credit: Image supplied by Cllr Arthur Coote

Councillor Arthur Coote is the new chair of Uttlesford District Council.

A man with grey hair wearing a big chairman's chain

Cllr Arthur Coote became Uttlesford District Council's new Chair - Credit: Supplied by Cllr Arthur Coote

He replaces Cllr Martin Foley, who has served since May 2020.

Leaving his post, Cllr Foley praised the community for their support for one another during the pandemic.

He said: "One thing that has been absolutely marvellous is the coming together of people in our community to help one another to deliver shopping and a hundred other good neighbourly things."

Cllr Foley's chairman's charity was Stroke Association.

He raised £4,092 to support stroke research and survivors' support, completing a 500-mile walking challenge in the post.

Cllr Foley is fundraising through JustGiving:

A man observes ballots being counted. In the image, we cannot see the ballots

Cllr Martin Foley served as Uttlesford District Council Chair from 2020-21. Picture: Will Durrant - Credit: Archant

Cllr Coote has chosen East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH) as his good cause this year.

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He said: "As a parent, grandparent and having cared for sick children as a foster parent, this became a cause very dear to my heart."

Cllr Heather Asker was elected Vice Chair.

Cllrs Coote and Asker are both former Saffron Walden mayors.