Local MPs lag behind despite Tories’ highest extra income, new figures show

L-R: Kemi Badenoch and James Cleverly. Photos: CONTRIBUTED.

L-R: Kemi Badenoch and James Cleverly. Photos: CONTRIBUTED. - Credit: Archant

Additional earnings of British MPs, revealed on new data website www.datalobo.com, show a stark difference between local Conservative MPs Kemi Badenoch and James Cleverly, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The public information reveals the name, party, constituency and gender of each politician, as well as a breakdown of categories they earned the extra income from between June 2017 and October 2019, together with the number of additional hours matching the respective income.

The categories are: 'giving advice', 'writing books/articles', 'giving speeches', 'job', 'survey', 'TV/radio' and 'uncategorised'.

According to recent figures, British MPs earned a total of £8.4 million in addition to their salaries. 15 of them earned more than half of the amount, including top-earner Boris Johnson, who earned an approximate extra income of £800,000, mainly through speeches. This is the equivalent of a monthly extra £27,440.

No extra hours and income were declared by Mr Cleverly according to the dataset, which means the only registered income for him is his annual UK MP salary of £79,468.

Mrs Badenoch only declared three hours of additional work throughout the recorded period, with an extra £500 earned as a result.

Overall, Conservatives earned an average of £24,000, more than any other party's MPs. The Liberal Democrats are the second highest earners of additional income. By comparison, Labour MPs averaged at £1,890. Another breakdown shows male Conservative MPs earned an average of £27,895, while female Labour MPs earned an average of £1,563.

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All 15 top-earners in the figures are men. A report published on the Data Lobo website reads: "Men earned more than women, both in nominal terms and per hour. The average male MP earned £159 per hour. The average female MP earned £116."

"This reflects a broader gender pay-gap. The average female MP earned £3,350 in addition to their salary. The average male MP earned £17,360 - over five times as much.

"But women also often earn less for performing the same type of activity. For all but TV/Radio, they earn less per hour."

The full report, together with the full dataset and the hours dataset, can be found at https://datalobo.com/mp-earnings/.