Stansted Airport temporarily closed terminal at night

London Stansteds terminal building Picture: STANSTED AIRPORT

London Stansteds terminal building Picture: STANSTED AIRPORT - Credit: Archant

Stansted Airport has temporarily closed the passenger terminal at night.

The closure has already started and runs until December 2 between 5pm at 5am. It has been put in place in response to the current lockdown and government ban on international travel.

They said passenger numbers have dropped to less than a fifth of standard figures.

A spokesperson for Stansted Airport said: “We’ve seen passenger numbers drop by 84 percent over recent months, and with a total ban on non-work related travel now in place, we expect figures for November to be significantly worse still.

“We’ve scaled back the terminal’s hours of operation as we did at the start of the pandemic.

“The terminal will remain open during the day between 5am and 5pm, with a reduced number of flights operating.

“The runway will stay operational throughout so it can continue handling cargo flights.

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“These changes are only temporary and when the lockdown ends and people start travelling again, the terminal will return to its normal opening hours.”

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