Mayor to launch Best Dressed Christmas Window competition in Saffron Walden

SAFFRON Walden mayor Cliff Treadwell, together with the support of the Saffron Initiative, is to introduce the ‘The Best Dressed Christmas Window’ competition for all the retailers in town.

What is hoped to become an annual event, the winner will receive a Shield, duly engraved and judging will be during the week of Late Night shopping, and it can therefore be displayed for all to see. Judging will be arranged between the mayor and members of Saffron Initiative.

Cllr Treadwell said: “There used to be such a local competition some years ago, but seems to have fallen away.

“I do hope the towns retailers will get behind this bit of fun and gain recognition for their hard work, not just at Christmas but throughout the whole year. Not forgetting the market stall traders who bring much richness to the town, I also have a special award for Christmas.”

Details will be announced very shortly.

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