Maze fever ahead of festival in Saffron Walden

MAZE fever is gathering pace in Saffron Walden ahead of the town’s first-ever maze-themed festival.

John Ready of the Saffron Walden Maze Festival steering group sent us this snippet on the back of a maze-themed poem, written by reader Joe Hobbs, which featured in our Postbag last week.

“Joe Hobbs’s claim that it is not possible to get lost in the turf maze is refuted in The Beano of July 6 1968, when the Bash Street Kids, on their marathon walk through Essex, were in a daze in the maze in Saffron Walden.

“The attached image, right, provides conclusive proof of this event.”

The image will be displayed as part of the festival from August 20-28, organised by Saffron Walden Initiative to celebrate the town’s unique maze heritage.

It has three distinct mazes – the famous Common turf maze, the Victorian hedge maze in Bridge End Gardens, and Michael Ayrton’s Sun Maze sculpture at the Fry Art Gallery.

And they are encouraging residents to get creative as it is hoped individuals, families, businesses and groups will be inspired to grow, paint, sculpt or build mazes in their homes and gardens.

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During the festival new mazes will be created around the town and there will be a wide array of maze-based events, challenges and entertainment for people of all ages.

A website is due soon.