Local elections 2019: Meet the Uttlesford candidates vying for your votes

PUBLISHED: 10:57 02 May 2019

Ballot boxes like these have been distributed throughout Uttlesford for polling day.

Ballot boxes like these have been distributed throughout Uttlesford for polling day.


Voters across the district go to the polls today (May 2) to elect representatives for Uttlesford District Council.

The all-out election will see 13 seats contested in the Saffron Walden and surrounding area, with all the major political parties in the running.

Polling stations opened at 7am today and will close at 10pm, before votes are counted tomorrow.

Here, we run down the candidates standing near you.


Oliver Rowley (Labour)

I am aware of the increasing problem of speeding in the village, and the danger that it poses to pedestrians and other drivers. The lack of a village shop has also hit several members of our community, and I fully intend to address that. I am also aware that the lack of a youth club and sports facilities has deprived our community's youth of valuable forms of engagement and activity.

James de Vries (Residents for Uttlesford)

As an Uttlesford resident for more than 30 years, I share many of the concerns that you do in the villages. These include large housing developments, rural broadband, policing, traffic, and school places. I'm also keen to tackle the smaller issues that affect our quality of life, such as speeding, fly-tipping, travellers, potholes and recycling.

Howard Rolfe (Conservative)

I have been proud to represent Ashdon, Hadstock, Sewards End and Little Walden over the last four years. Going forward, we must ensure that village services and facilities are maintained and enhanced whilst respecting the rural aspect of this beautiful part of north Essex.

Sara Booth (Liberal Democrats)

Dr Sara Booth is a retired physician, and her main interest is the social impacts of chronic disease, particularly for young people. She has lived in Uttlesford for many years and is a relative newcomer to politics, having been shocked and dismayed at how the two main parties have put party ahead of country in the Brexit debate.

Paul Allington (Green Party)

We want to encourage leadership in fighting climate change among the businesses, farms, schools, churches, organisations and all political parties of Uttlesford. We all need to act urgently to stop further damage to our environment.


Tracy Williams (Residents for Uttlesford)

Decisions that are made in Saffron Walden directly affect us in Arkesden, Clavering, Langley and Wicken Bonhunt. It is time for an independent voice to stand up for our villages. R4U speaks for residents and is not bound by national party politics. I will work hard to maintain the rural feel of our villages.

Edward Oliver (Conservative)

Edward has served as district councillor for eight years. He understands that some natural development in the villages is needed but opposes unnecessary speculative developments. Edward was involved in the setting up of 'Hands Off Clavering' to oppose such development and has recently been appointed chairman. If re-elected, Edward will continue to help with any issues residents may have.

John Clift (Liberal Democrats)

John served 25 years as a Disney executive and is currently a consultant with an Anglo-Swedish firm. He has lived and worked abroad as well as in the UK. Originally from Manchester, he has been living in or associated with Uttlesford for the last 30 years.

Debden and Wimbish

Peter Donovan (Labour)

Peter has lived with his family in Uttlesford for more than 30 years and was secretary of Saffron Walden Constituency Labour Party for nearly 10 years. His two sons attended local schools, and he is very aware of the needs of young families in terms of housing, education, transport and employment.

Captain Stewart Luck (Residents for Uttlesford)

A Debden resident for more than 40 years, Stewart has been a parish councillor for six. He's a qualified pilot, supports the MOD covenant, and is past chairman of 1824 ATC Sqdn. He's very active organising community events and volunteering for youth development programs.

Tina Knight (Conservative)

I will continue to fight for the retention of libraries in the district and continue my efforts for a cycle lane into Saffron Walden, having got it accepted in the overall plan for cycle routes. With a track record of getting things done, and not making empty promises. I will continue to work hard for all electors.

Alison Hare (Liberal Democrats)

Alison has lived in Wimbish since 2008, and her husband's family have farmed in the area for many years. Her two girls attend the village school, and she has sung with the church choirs in both Wimbish and Debden. She is a solicitor and works part-time in Bishop's Stortford.

Edward Gildea (Green Party)

We have a wonderful opportunity for new jobs and businesses in a vibrant, green economy. It will reduce the gap between rich and poor promote social justice, enabling local shops and businesses to thrive.

Elsenham and Henham

Callum Parris (Labour)

I became interested in politics when I saw how, by banding together with good organisation, the villages were able to challenge Fairfield's “Hellsenham” proposals. I joined the Labour Party because I wanted to make life better and fairer for people and decided that I needed to get involved if I wanted to make it happen.

Garry LeCount (Residents for Uttlesford)

Retired businessman Garry has lived in Henham for 36 years. He is both a parish and district councillor who works to make positive changes in the villages. In 2018 he voted to support the draft local plan to prohibit unsustainable development in the ward.

Petrina Lees (Residents for Uttlesford)

A champion of her community and local causes, district councillor Petrina served on the Elsenham Parish Council for 17 years; enjoyed a 30-year career in nursing; has been on the leadership team of Save Our Villages for 11 years; and serves on UDC's local plan working group.

Liam Hithersay (Conservative)

I am delighted to have been selected as a candidate for the elections in the ward of Elsenham and Henham and will be a hard-working councillor for all residents. Uttlesford Conservatives have an excellent track record of sound local administration and are determined to retain our district as an exceptional area in which to live and to work.

Malcolm (Fred) Frindle (Liberal Democrats)

Former police officer Fred is well known for his community activities. He stands firm with local Liberal Democrats in opposition to the Fairfield development. He supports a community infrastructure fund to finance sports projects like a new cricket pavilion in Elsenham.

David South (Liberal Democrats)

David is a school governor and beaver scout leader. He has worked on Stansted neighbourhood plan and is against speculative development which offers no new infrastructure or community amenities. He also opposed the expansion of Stansted Airport, which will add to traffic congestion and a deterioration in air quality.

Littlebury, Chesterfords and Wenden Lofts

Robert Chambers (Conservative)

I will endeavour to help win more sports facilities, keeping local pubs going, making sure our voluntary service is appropriately funded, ensuring our health and wellbeing, and, most importantly, the Council Tax as low as possible. I believe passionately in our rural villages and I will do all I can to make sure they remain beautiful.

Julie Redfern (Conservative)

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to represent this ward. I have attended all the parish councils, so I am aware of the challenges and hope that I have helped where I can. Residents can be sure of my ongoing commitment and hard work for our villages.

Neil Gregory (Independent)

It was a simple choice. Sit and watch Uttlesford continue to be run in the interests of a few landowners, distant property developers and unaccountable big business or get involved and change things. Party politics has failed the residents of this district and it is time for change.

Richard Pavitt (Independent)

Corners cut, money wasted, residents ignored, countryside sacrificed, procedures bypassed, decisions forced through on party lines, outcomes skewed in favour of vested interests. That's why I am standing as an Independent. I want to help make this a better, more representative council. It's time for change.

Kevin Wing (Green Party)

We're keen to promote healthy lifestyles. Developers will be compelled to provide green play and sports areas when developments are approved, while our parks and commons should be full of fun and healthy exercise groups for all ages.

Barbara Hughes (Liberal Democrats)

Barbara has lived in Uttlesford all her life. After a career in the NHS she served for a number of years as a district councillor and is currently a trustee/director of the Edward VI Almshouses in Saffron Walden.


Anthony Gerard (Residents for Uttlesford)

A parish and district councillor since 2017, Anthony serves on multiple committees working hard on local issues, including housing, road safety, transport, the airport and neighbourhood plan.

Neil Hargreaves (Residents for Uttlesford)

Neil has lived in Newport for 27 years. Since 2015 as a district councillor, he's focused on council services, finance, air quality, highways, transport and planning appeals.

Greg Smith (Conservative)

It is a privilege to have been selected as one of the Conservative candidates for the ward of Newport, Quendon, Rickling Green and Widdington in the forthcoming elections. I would pledge to be diligent, advance the best interests of our village and community and listen carefully to the views of residents.

Tom Flack (Conservative)

As your councillor I would be concerned to find acceptable solutions to certain local problems in for example Whiteditch Lane, lobby for road surface improvements, address drainage issues and also pedestrian safety. I would be a diligent and attentive councillor.

Marion Dyer (Liberal Democrats)

Saffron Walden Audley

David O'Brien (Labour)

My main priority is the establishment of a local housing plan to ensure high quality affordable housing. I also believe that our schools should be given the support to ensure that all our children have equal access to an education and that there are plenty of local jobs offering a living wage.

Deryk Eke (Residents for Uttlesford)

Deryk is a chartered civil engineer who has lived in the area for more than 17 years. During his career he delivered multi-billion-pound infrastructure projects worldwide. His experience will be a huge asset to the district, helping it solve the major infrastructure issues we face.

Dr Barbara Light (Residents for Uttlesford)

Barbara has lived in Saffron Walden for more than 15 years and was previously an academic. Elected to UDC in 2015, Barbara serves on several committees, is a strong voice for residents, very active in the local community and currently fighting for our libraries.

Sam Slota Newson (Conservative)

I first got to know this area some years ago when I was in the army and my wife and I moved from Cambridge almost three years ago to buy our first house. If elected I will continue to work with colleagues on town and county councils to explore how to build a strong, sustainable and green future for Saffron Walden.

George Smith (Conservative)

Saffron Walden has always been central to my life, having been at the County High School, spending free time here and supporting Saffron Walden Rugby Club. If elected, I will work with counterparts to ensure infrastructure is delivered and repaired, efficiently and effectively for the people of Saffron Walden.

Mike Hibbs (Liberal Democrats)

Mike has lived in Saffron Walden for 57 years. As an architect he has a particular love of historic buildings. Mike has been a town councillor since 1987 and was twice mayor of Saffron Walden. He has a strong track record of working for everyone in Saffron Walden.

Sarah Allington (Green Party)

We worry about what air pollution is doing to our children. In Saffron Walden and Thaxted, the concentration of noxious gases and particles is already breaking legal limits. Transport and housing policies must reduce this threat dramatically.

Simon Ede (Liberal Democrats)

Simon is an international energy economist and has lived in Saffron Walden since 2008. He has two children and is a very active member of the local running club. He is particularly interested in what the council can do to grow the number of well-paid jobs in the local economy.

Saffron Walden Castle

Laura Snell (Labour)

Laura has lived in Saffron Walden since 2001 when she moved here from Grimsby with her parents. She has worked all around the town as a postwoman for the last 12 years and, as a result, understands many of the issues that affect local people. She is also active within her union, the Communication Workers Union.

Simon Trimnell (Labour)

Simon works for a building supply merchant who was born on Castle Ward, works on Castle Ward and is now bringing up his young family in the same part of town. He serves as chair of the Uttlesford District Tenants Forum, representing the views of council tenants district-wide.

Heather Asker (Residents for Uttlesford)

Heather, a councillor since 2007, serves on numerous town and district committees, and works on many ward issues, including parking, road safety and speed reduction. She is very active promoting the market and the vitality of Saffron Walden's town centre.

Richard Freeman (Residents for Uttlesford)

Long-serving councillor Richard Freeman restored the town hall, purchased trees and salt bins, supported Bridge End Gardens and has worked tirelessly to ensure that developers have finally provided a safe playground at Tudor Park and two new playing fields in Lime Avenue.

David Sadler (Conservative)

If elected I will adopt a positive approach to solving problems and not just whinge about them. I promise to be available to listen to your views and to assist in resolving your Uttlesford related problems. From my track record, you know I will work diligently on your behalf.

Sam Goddard (Conservative)

Having been a town councillor for two years, being rooted in Saffron Walden it is important to me that the town thrives. I have worked hard over the past six years to ensure we have a town plan, a process that allows us as a community to take more control over the future of the town.

Steffi Suhr (Liberal Democrats)

Steffi has lived in Saffron Walden with her family since 2012. She wants to make sure Saffron Walden stays a welcoming, inclusive and supportive town for everyone. She is particularly interested in reducing air pollution and mitigating the effects of climate change.

John Lefever (Liberal Democrats)

John has recently retired from a senior post with a local housing association, where he specialised in low-energy sustainable homes for local people. He is a former mayor of Saffron Walden, district and county councillor. He understands the importance of infrastructure in the early stages of any housing development.

Abigail Saffrey (Green Party)

We have a wonderful opportunity for new jobs and businesses in a vibrant, green economy. It will reduce the gap between rich and poor promote social justice, enabling local shops and businesses to thrive.

Saffron Walden Shire

Yvonne Morton (Labour)

Yvonne has been a Saffron Walden area resident since 1961 and raised her family here. She has a proven track record of success, having enjoyed a four-year term as a Saffron Walden town councillor and an Uttlesford district councillor, and has taken a leading role at schools as a school governor.

Arthur Coote (Residents for Uttlesford)

Director of local nursery, Arthur has worked as a child carer and early years educator for more than 30 years. He is a town councillor and deputy mayor.

Paul Fairhurst (Residents for Uttlesford)

Active councillor and mayor Paul initiated the local plastics charter and UDC's Youth Council, and speaks on jobs, finance and policing. He is the managing partner of a law firm.

John Lodge (Residents for Uttlesford)

John is chair and co-founder of R4U. He leads the party at UDC, with a focus on strategic planning and environmental issues. He's an active skier, rugby and cricket player.

Pravin Karan (Conservative)

I am not a trained politician but have a clear vision about the future of Saffron Walden and the benefits of living here for my family. I would be a diligent councillor, listen to your views and work to adapt the town to fulfil the needs and aspirations of our community.

Nick Osborne (Conservative)

Having played an active part in the business life, I am committed to maintaining the unique amenities we have in Saffron Walden and ensuring that they are developed and improved for the benefit of all who have the good fortune to live in our town and district.

Andrew Ketteridge (Conservative)

With deep family roots in Saffron Walden, I am naturally conscious of our town's history. As your councillor, my role would be to ensure all these potential benefits materialise and contribute to modernising our town whilst retaining its essential charm.

Sonia Sault (Liberal Democrats)

Sonia has lived in Shire Ward for 28 years and is currently site manager and governor of the Katherine Semar Schools. Last time she was on the town council she worked to improve the community hall and play area at Golden Acre. Now, she is fighting to get zebra crossings put in for the safety of children.

Adam Langworthy (Liberal Democrats)

Adam attended Saffron Walden County High School and now studies computer science. He became involved in politics during the 2016 referendum and believes young people need the benefits of close ties with European neighbours.

Sylvia Barrows (Liberal Democrats)

Sylvia and her husband have lived near Saffron Walden since 2001. She is a linguist. Her daughter is a doctor and her son is an engineer. She is particularly interested in the part local government can play in averting environmental and climate disaster.

Trilby Roberts (Green Party)

There should be properly funded services for young people, children the vulnerable. We will fight for improved funding for crucial youth and family support services. Much needed mother and baby drop-in services must be reinstated.

Stansted North

Alfred Miti (Labour)

I am passionate about ensuring that planned garden communities meet their 40 per cent affordable targets and that affordability reflects local wages. I believe UDC should be the main social housing provider. I also want more rights for private renters with a responsible landlord register.

Joe Lewis (Labour)

As a lifelong member of Stansted Library, I am determined to defend it from closure, recognising its educational and social value. Having attended local state schools, and having worked part-time in local businesses, I hope to represent the area that I have called home throughout my life.

Josie Thompson (Conservative)

I am very keen to get people involved in countryside activities, and I would love to support groups and businesses that promote health and wellbeing. Should I be elected, I can promise always to be receptive, listening to residents and vigorously representing the best interests of our community.

Nick Church (Conservative)

I have lived in the area all my life so am deeply appreciative of the benefits offered from being a resident. If elected I will make sure our community is strongly represented at Uttlesford. At the same time I believe that co-operation rather than confrontation is more effective.

Alan Dean (Liberal Democrats)

Alan has lived in Stansted with his family for more than 40 years. He is leader of the Liberal Democrat group on UDC, and chairs the scrutiny committee. He campaigns to improve Stansted by targeting air pollution and traffic congestion, keeping the library and providing green space and new footpaths.

Geoffrey Sell (Liberal Democrats)

Having lived there most of his life, Geoffrey is keen to ensure Stansted remains a great place to live. He was proud to be chairman of UDC in 2017. He has campaigned to bring a PCSO back to Stansted, to keep the library, and ensured more money for highways improvements

Stansted South and Birchanger

Daniel Brett (Labour)

Daniel is an economist and has lived in the area all his life and currently lives in Stansted with his wife and 12-year-old son. In 2014, he helped lead a successful campaign to save Farnham Primary School from closure. In recent months, he has been involved in Stansted parish council's working group to save our local library.

Tom van de Bilt (Labour)

Tom is an IT manager with extensive experience of local government. He grew up on the Herts/Essex border and moved to Stansted in 2013, where he lives with his wife and sons. He has worked for three different local councils as well as in the software industry as a supplier to local government.

Jennie Sutton (Conservative)

I am one of those people who when I take on something I do it to the very best of my ability. I am not afraid of hard work and I believe in honesty and straight talking. Communities are very important, and I will always try to do my best for those I represent.

Gary Davey (Conservative)

I'll support both parishes to develop their own neighbourhood plan to protect the fabric of our local community. I'll listen and act to ensure everyone in our ward has a voice and their needs are met. I'm committed to addressing the issue of litter and fly tipping.

Melvin Caton (Liberal Democrats)

A long-standing resident of Stoney Common, now in Stansted, formerly in Birchanger, Melvin has served both as a county and district councillor. He is keen to tackle air pollution and pedestrian safety, and supports vehicle activated speed reduction signs in Birchanger. He is strongly opposed to closing Stansted Library.

Ayub Khan (Liberal Democrats)

Keen to ensure social justice for the community, Ayub is particularly passionate about the development of young people, serving on several charities that promote their wellbeing. He is disappointed that a PCSO has still not been recruited for Stansted, and he supports the appointment of a special constable for Birchanger.

Stort Valley

Janice Loughlin (Liberal Democrats)

Janice has a 19-year track-record of serving Berden, Farnham, Manuden and, for the past four years, Ugley. She is keen to preserve the unique character of the villages by resisting over-development. She opposed expansion of Stansted Airport on environmental grounds, particularly the increase in traffic on local roads.

Daphne Wallace-Jarvis (Conservative)

It is time for change in Stort Valley. If elected, I will: Be available to help with problems or concerns, work for the benefit of all who live, work or visit Manuden, Berden, Farnham and the hamlets, keep in touch with you through regular newsletters and community magazines, and ensure your views are represented at district council level.

Thaxted and the Eastons

Alex Young (Labour)

Alex is claims manager and chartered insurer who lives in Stoney Lane in the heart of Thaxted. He is passionate about the need to protect the countryside and the architectural heritage of the area. If elected, Alex would strive to secure funding for community facilities, while extending access to those facilities to all who would benefit from them.

Martin Foley (Liberal Democrats)

Martin has served as a district councillor for Thaxted for 24 years and also represents the Eastons. He works closely with parish councils and residents groups and is a member of Stop Stansted Expansion and the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Mike Tayler (Liberal Democrats)

Mike and his family have lived in Thaxted since 1986, and he worked as a GP in Thaxted Surgery until 2013. He has been involved in various community activities for many years, particularly musical ones. He knows the area very well and is keen to serve on behalf of the whole community.

Ralph Barrington (Conservative)

If elected my priority will be to preserve the unique characteristics of our area and to ensure development in Thaxted accords with the town's neighbourhood plan. I am experienced in council work having sat on a town council in Warwickshire and a parish council in Essex. If elected I would pledge to represent local interests vigorously.

Marie Siddans (Conservative)

I have been an Uttlesford district councillor for the past six years and have a passion for social and affordable housing. My background careers have been in the property and pharmaceutical industry. I am a mother of two children and have a love of animals and the countryside.

The Sampfords

Alan Storah (Residents for Uttlesford)

After a career in town planning Alan is now devoting his time and energy to other challenges including benefiting the community at large. He has helped numerous Uttlesford residents' groups and town/parish councils resist unsustainable planning applications.

William Burton (Conservative)

I have been chairman of the Sampfords' Parish Council for the past three years and I am delighted to have been selected to stand for election as the Conservative candidate for Uttlesford. I believe that the Conservatives are the only party that can keep this district the amazing area that it is to live in.

Emma Horton (Green Party)

We want everyone to play their part in fighting climate change by encouraging the reduction of energy consumption and the promotion of clean energy generation, including a community led project.

Claire Vintiner (Liberal Democrats)

Claire has been living in Uttlesford with her family for three years and is a geographer specialising in water and environmental management. She is interested in supporting young people and the vulnerable in our community.

For candidates standing in Dunmow and surrounding areas, visit www.dunmowbroadcast.co.uk.

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