More than 110 arrests made by police at V-Festival

MORE than 110 people have been arrested at Chelmsford’s V-Festival – the arrests enforcing the police’s message that criminal activity would not be tolerated at the event.

Those arrested came from across Essex, Suffolk, Kent, West Midlands and east London

Essex Police said that 114 arrests had been made – 22 of them for drug-dealing.

Drug sniffer dogs were used at the entrances to the venue to help identify those who might be carrying drugs

Officers said the dogs also played a great public engagement role, “creating quite a stir” among festival goers stopping on their way in to give them a pat and stroke.

As of yesterday afternoon, officers had made 54 arrests for drug possession, 17 drug-dealing, four for assault, one disqualified driving, two for theft, two for rowdy and disorderly behaviour, four for fraud and one for alleged drink-driving during the weekend.

Policing co-ordinator, Chief Supt Andy Prophet, said: “All our officers have been doing a great job, working with the V-Festival organisers to make sure this fantastic event is a safe and fun one.”

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Use of the drugs dogs had been a key element in police tactics this year and had worked really well.

He said: “We would like to thank all the festival-goers for taking note of our crime prevention advice and hope that they enjoyed the weekend.

“We would urge people to be mindful of their alcohol limits if they are going to drive home at the end of today or in the morning and be patient as the roads will be busy after the festival ends.”

Anyone who has been a victim of crime at the festival should report it by calling 101.