Caught on camera: Motorcyclist feared for life in near-miss

Motorcyclist's POV: the rider is pulled into the verge. The van overtakes the cyclist with little berth either side

Pampisford Road, near Linton - Credit: David Fields

Video footage shows the moment a driver almost collided with a motorcyclist and cyclist near Linton.

Motorcyclist David Fields narrowly avoided the oncoming van which was overtaking a bike on a blind bend.

David caught the moment on his helmet camera while travelling on Pampisford Road towards the A1307 on June 10.

He said: "It makes my blood boil that somebody is willing to put my life at risk just to save five seconds."

Motorcyclist's POV: A very narrow road. A van takes up most of the space. To the right, a cyclist.

Pampisford Road, near Linton - Credit: David Fields

Motorcyclist's POV: A white van passes close by

Pampisford Road, near Linton - Credit: David Fields

David added: "Sitting in a van, the driver is higher up.

"If he was concentrating on the road he would have clearly seen that I was around the corner riding towards him."

He feared that if a car driver had been in his position and the van swerved, the cyclist could have been seriously injured.

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Nobody is thought to have been injured during the manoeuvre.

David handed his footage over the the Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

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