Motorists baffled as vandals change speed limit road marking near Ugley

The speed limit road marking on the B1383 near Ugley

The speed limit road marking on the B1383 near Ugley - Credit: Archant

Motorists driving on the B1383 near Ugley have been baffled by road markings after cheeky vandals changed the speed limit from 50mph to 80mph on the Essex road.

The tricksters added two lines of white paint to the number five in the 50mph limit, therefore turning it into an eight, and the conflicting speed limits have caused confusion.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “We have been alerted to an act of vandalism along the B1383 near Ugley. A maintenance crew has been sent to investigate if the road can be repainted or if the road surface will need remedial treatment.

“Meanwhile, we would remind drivers to adhere to the clearly signposted 50mph speed limit in force along this stretch of road.”

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