Mountfitchet Castle owners want help naming rescued baby deer

A BABY deer, saved from the clutches of foxes, has been taken in by a popular tourist attraction - and now your help is needed to name the rescued animal.

Mountfichet Castle in Stansted was approached by Dan Cross and his partner Michelle Fairweather who were desperately trying to find a home for the Muntjac deer after finding it on a building site in Shelford.

The couple had managed to keep the animal alive but realised that it would have a much better chance with experts. They called Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester who suggested they contact the owners of the Stansted attraction, knowing their history on successfully rescuing baby deer.

Jeremy Goldsmith, who co-runs Mountfichet Castle with his father Alan, said: “We will make sure the deer receives all the care and attention it deserves.

“Hopefully it will be released into the Mountfitchet Castle grounds to integrate with our other rescued deer that already live and thrive here, in a tranquil environment that is safe from harm.”

Staff now need help to name the baby deer. Send your suggestions to the Facebook book page at Mountfitchet Castle and an announcement of the best name will be made in two weeks time. Alternatively contact Mr Goldsmith on 01279 813237.