‘Mr Football’ speaks of his “fantastic year” as mayor

FOREVER to be known as ‘Mr Football’, Cliff Treadwell stepped down from his role as mayor last Saturday after what he described as a “fantastic year full of memories”.

During the mayor-making ceremony, his successor Cllr David Watson said he had been proud to be alongside Cllr Treadwell as his deputy and praised his efforts.

“Cliff will forever be known as Mr Football having given his all to help bring back top flight football to Saffron Walden, among his many other achievements.

“He steps down from the role as mayor to take up the position of chairman at the football club, and I wish him every success,” Mayor Watson added.

Addressing his colleagues, Cllr Treadwell said he had enjoyed his year as mayor immensely and thanked his wife Valerie for being at his side.

“I was fortunate to be elected in the year of the carnival and had a number of events which will stay with me forever – the freedom parade through the town and Remembrance Day were both particularly special,” he said.

“But today is not about me, it is about your new mayor.”

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Reflecting further on his year as mayor, Cllr Treadwell told the Reporter that he could not have done any of it without the help of his wife.

“Valerie has been marvellous. A lot of good stuff was said about us at the ceremony, which was nice to hear, and we will cherish all the memories from our time in the spotlight.

“It has been a wonderful year and in many ways it has been difficult because I don’t want to give it up. It has been so special and I’m going to miss it.

“The maze festival was also a big memory for me, and something I will never forget is the lighting of the Christmas tree in the church.

“Having the children come up and give me presents to pass onto those less fortunate was truly humbling, as was visiting the old folks’ home, the hospital and Salvation Army on Christmas Day,” he added.

Cllr Treadwell also said he was sure the new mayor would have a memorable year and offered his help and support if it was needed.

“I offer my best wishes to David and his wife Sharon and I am sure they will do extremely good work for the town, as I hope we have.”