Andrew Neil will host a daily political programme on Times Radio as part of its coverage of the UK and US elections.

The veteran broadcaster and journalist will present an “agenda-setting” show featuring debates and interviews with high-profile politicians from September 9, as the UK and the US prepare for major elections.

The show will air on Monday to Thursday at 1pm, and will also feature Neil’s take on the day’s political events.

“Western liberal democracy has been tested more in these last years than in living memory,” 74-year-old Neil said.

“As UK and US citizens prepare to go to the polls, in nations polarised and divided, set against a world riven with instability and contention, my show on Times Radio will look to define the signal from the noise.”

Neil joins a line-up including Times Radio’s political editor Kate McCann, and commentators including Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell, John Pienaar, Daniel Finkelstein, Lord Ed Vaizey, Ayesha Hazarika and Lord William Hague.

Tim Levell, programme director of Times Radio, said: “Andrew is indelibly associated with elections in the minds of the UK public. There is no-one better to turn to for the authoritative take on both the UK and US elections.

“His interviews will be unmissable. His analysis will be peerless. As Times Radio expands its coverage during the election period, having Andrew Neil at 1pm will make Times Radio the must-listen destination on the dial.”

Neil, who is chairman of The Spectator, most recently hosted a Channel 4 current affairs programme after he departed GB News.