Star of the Netflix documentary 'How to live to 100' Dan Buettner has urged people to never bring home these four foods if they want to live a long life.

The National Geographic fellow, 63, recently took to Instagram to warn his followers that they should never have certain unhealthy foods easily accessible at home.

"Am I telling you that you can't enjoy these foods? No! " Buettner exclaimed.

He added: "If part of your enjoyment in life is enjoying these foods once in a while but make it so you have to go out and get them".

Buettner has become well-known for his research into five "blue" zones across the world where inhabitants regularly live well into their old age

The author has studied these populations extensively from their exercise routines and familial backgrounds to their community set-ups to diets.

The presenter regularly shares lifestyle tips based on his travels and research on his social media from drinking tea to doing more gardening.

What foods should you cut out to live longer?

But now, the health expert has urged people to keep these unhealthy foods out of their cupboards.

Buettner starts with not having packaged sweets in the house.

Although he doesn't elaborate in the video, we know that consuming too much sugar can raise our blood pressure and can increase chronic inflammation.

The second food he urges people to keep from their house is salty snacks.

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Buettner explains that this is because they are "the number one food associated with obesity"

The third foodstuff we should remove from our shopping list is fizzy drinks which are high in sugar, calories and have no nutritional value.

The last food to keep out the house is processed meat, including "bacon, lunchmeat, weiners and so forth".

"They're known carcinogens," Buettner advised.

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There are two reasons that we shouldn't have these four items stocked up in our cupboards, according to the expert.

"That way number 1: you have to go out and get them," Dan said.

He concluded: "And number 2: you won't be tempted by it all the time and we'll see when you're 100."