New bin collection Days for Uttlesford residents

THE final phase of Uttlesford District Council’s improvements to its recycling service is getting under way and many residents will see their bin collection day changing.

Bin collections are moving to a four-day week from Tuesday September 18, which means all bins will be collected between Tuesdays and Fridays starting from next week.

New vehicles have been introduced which can collect both kitchen waste and dry recycling/non recycling (depending on the week) at the same time. The routes the bin lorries take have been redrawn to be more efficient.

It means anyone who previously had their bin collected on a Monday will definitely see their day change, but other residents could see their day change too because of the new routes.

There are two easy ways for the public to find out what their collection day will be from next week onwards:

• Check the sticker which will be placed on one bin at every property during this week (Monday September 10 to Friday September 14) detailing the collection day from next week onwards

• AFTER your collection day THIS week, visit the council’s new bin collection day web facility - - and register for recycling collection updates at the same time.

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For operational reasons, the council has decided to sticker bins at all properties in the district. So, although some residents will find their collection day is not changing, they will still have their bin stickered. This is being done to remove any doubt as to whether a household is having its collection day changed or not.

To minimise confusion, it is important that residents only log-on to AFTER their collection day this week.

The new bin collection site can be stored on a smartphone screen just like an app, which means finding out whether it is green bin or black bin week is now only a touch away. It is fully accessible through all internet devices, from desktop PCs to tablets and phones. It also allows people to register for service updates, through which the council can email residents to advise them of changes – for example disruption due to bad weather, a day change due to a public holiday or if new items have been added to the list of what can be recycled.

The council also intends to e-mail people reminders for the first few weeks of the new collection rounds to make sure they leave their bins out on the correct day.

Cllr Susan Barker, cabinet member for Environmental Services, said: “This is a fantastic new online function and I would encourage everyone to make use of it by visiting once they have had their collection day this week.

“Keep a look out for the sticker on your bin this week as well to ensure you know which day your bins will be collected from Tuesday September 18 onwards. The Tuesday to Friday four-day week will mean less disruption for residents as we will no longer have to move collections when there is a bank holiday Monday. Fewer vehicles also means a significant saving for taxpayers.

“These new rounds combined with the improvements introduced earlier this year such as glass and textiles being able to be recycled in the green bin and the introduction of the food waste caddies means Uttlesford residents can benefit from the best recycling service we have ever been able to offer.

“Unsurprisingly, the convenience of glass recycling has proved particularly popular and I would like to remind residents that glass must be put in the green bin itself – we cannot collect it if it is left alongside the bin in another container. However, all other recyclable materials can be left next to the bin, should residents find their bin is full, in cardboard boxes or any plastic bags except black bin bags.”