New homes and care village for Newport met with opposition

OPPOSITION to separate planning applications for new homes and a care village was voiced at a meeting of Newport Parish Council.

More than 60 residents packed into Church House on Monday night to have their say on the proposals earmarked for land off Bury Water Lane – one to build up to 84 homes and another for a care village.

Concerns were raised about traffic congestion, the urgent need to address sewage infrastructure and the chances of the number of houses on the site increasing in the future.

Developer Pelham Structures wants to build a 120-person residential care facility, 40 assisted living units for residents over 65, plus medical and recreation facilities and five respite care bungalows. The company has also indicated there would be the option of a further application for up to 100 homes.

Plans for up to 84 homes on the site bordering Whiteditch Lane were submitted by Sworders.

Both developments would be in close proximity to each other, if the applications were proved.

Parish councillor Susan Cameron was fiercely opposed to both proposals. She said: “I have no objection to a care village being built in Newport but this is the wrong place for it.

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“It seems like elderly people are being prejudiced by being shoved on the outside of the village – don’t they have a right to be in the centre? They should have access to utilities such as shops and pubs so that they can socialise with everyone.

“I also have some very strong objections to the Sworders proposal and hope we can produce a hard-hitting response if that is what we as a group want to do.”

Cllr John Smith was against the plans for 84 homes but said he was leaning towards supporting the care village.

“I’m quite happy to oppose the Sworders application as strongly as possible but I’m in two minds about the care home proposals. I have some serious reservations about it but I’m inclined to support the plan. What I wouldn’t support is the potential for 100 houses to come with it if a proposal was submitted at a later date.”

Other issues raised by councillors were the potential impact on the doctors’ surgery and whether the practice had been consulted, the “chaos” caused by construction traffic, parking problems in the village, destruction of ancient coach routes – namely by widening Bury Water Lane and School Lane – and the distance of the site form the railway station.

One area of particular concern, raised by residents and councillors, was the distance to Newport Primary School. There were fears it would lead to occupants of the new homes getting in their cars to drop their children off, rather than walking, with traffic congestion already a bone of contention on the school run in Frambury Lane.

Despite the council formally objecting to the Sworders application, chairman Ted Denyer said members would wait until further documents for the care village were available.

Members agreed the plans were “premature and incomplete” and will discuss them in more detail at the next meeting at Church House on August 5 at 7.30pm.