New initiatives to tackle alcohol-related hospital admissions

NEW ways to tackle excessive alcohol consumption have been launched in a bid to curb the number of drink-related hospital admissions.

NHS West Essex has announced a series of initiatives to address the problem – along with a sobering warning about the dangers of heavy alcohol intake.

As part of the plans, a new scheme will see GP practices advising patients on the damage alcohol can cause and guidance on how they can cut down.

There will also be a new provision, provided by the Alcohol and Drugs Abstinence Service, for people who need more intensive help, while a specialist alcohol liaison nurse will support alcohol-related admissions to Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Mike Gogarty, director of public health at NHS West Essex, which is responsible for improving primary care in the county, said: “Alcohol is the third highest risk factor for ill-health in the UK behind smoking and high blood pressure.

“The three initiatives we are supporting are designed to target people in the earliest stages of excess alcohol consumption and are key to our objectives to reverse the trend of alcohol-related hospital admissions.”

Essex Drug and Alcohol Partnership has also launched a website with information on how people’s health can be affected, where to get help locally and a fun scratch card to find out how much alcohol is too much.

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