New oil buying group formed in Stansted

A NEW oil buying group has been launched in Stansted and the surrounding villages as part of a countywide money-saving initiative.

Prices of heating oil such as kerosene have rocketed over the harsh winter months.

However, successful groups are forming all over Essex from one voluntary-run website in a bid to push the price down.

And Stansted is on now the bandwagon with its own site – – which is being run by Manuden resident Peter Heap.

“I came across this group by accident. It has worked its way around Essex to great success,” he said.

“Negotiations are done centrally to give maximum leverage although the individual local groups set themselves up and publicise it.”

There is no commercial interest in the project and registration to the site is free and carries no obligation to buy.

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So far 37 members have signed up to the Stansted website, with a total annual usage of 120,000 litres of oil.

The first purchase is being made for the area on February 27 – although Mr Heap is keen to keen as many people on board as possible.

“Oil is distributed on a local basis and these companies are paying about 5p or 6p a litre on delivery. A small tanker can deliver 20,000 litres, to cover everybody in that catchment, and that is where the savings come,” he said.

“The first order for Stansted can be negotiated when around 100 households have registered so we need to get as many people as possible to sign up.

“The more people who place an order through the group means a better price. Please sign up and also spread the word to as many friends around the area as possible.”