Newport is a lovely village...please keep it that way

THANK you for your report on the Newport expansion (Reporter website, ‘Campaign group’s opposition to mass housing gaining speed’).

Having grown up in a small village and feeling very at home in Newport, we were dismayed to learn of the proposed development.

In Newport, we have already witnessed the disappearance of lovely gardens and extra spaces to houses. Yes, some affordable housing is perhaps needed, however, never on the scale proposed.

If we had wished to live in an urban sprawl, we would have bought a house in Saffron Walden, Cambridge or Bishop’s Stortford.

Aside from the above there is also the very serious question of a water supply. The BBC has been covering the problems of the water shortage in east Anglia and the south East. drops in water pressure have been noted at night.

The Government has its White Paper on water. Former chief executive of Welsh Water, John Elfed Jones told Taro Naw programme (9.30pm on S4C) said that water, like oil, should be seen as a national resource and exploited to make money for Wales.

Yes, new homes could be made to be more water efficient, using grey water for toilets. It is still a problem! We all know of third world countries where clean water is an issue, but we are heading that way in the south east and Anglia.

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Newport is a lovely VILLAGE, please help us keep it that way.

Jennifer Bates