Neighbourhood Plan Referendum results

Where do we go now? Quendon & Rickling directions sign. Photo: Andra Maciuca.

A Neighbourhood Plan referendum was held in Newport, Quendon and Rickling - Credit: Andra Maciuca

More than 1,000 voters agreed to new objectives for planners in Newport, Quendon and Rickling.

The Newport, Quendon and Rickling Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out the priorities for new housing and building developments, was put to a referendum last Thursday (May 6).

A total 1,066 voters agreed that Uttlesford District Council should use the plan to accept or reject planning applications in the area.

Only 112 voters opposed the move, with an overall turnout of 44.8 percent.

The plan sets out 10 objectives for developers.

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In future, developers will need to consider how their ideas will enhance the historic character and setting of the parishes.

Combating congestion, providing infrastructure such as cycle lanes, and how best to retain the parishes' rural identity form part of the plan.

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It also encourages developers to think about how they can support village retail spaces and respond to a "proven housing shortage" in the parishes.

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