Newport student calls on MP to vote against fees hike

A UNIVERSITY student has called on Saffron Walden MP Sir Alan Haselhurst to vote against Government proposals to raise the cap on tuition fees.

Tristan Pithers, who is reading English and French at the University of Exeter, has voiced his concerns over the plans which could see university courses charge up to �9000 per year from 2012.

He claims that a “brick wall” is being put in front of students from low-income families and insists the decision if taken will force the country into an elitist situation.

In an open letter to Sir Alan, the teenager, who is from Newport, said: “It is a worry that the government’s policies are only going to increase the financial pressures on students to an extent where many from disadvantaged backgrounds are no longer able to go to university.

“I am producing first class level work and there are many teenagers who have this potential, and more, who will be put off higher education by a fee hike.

“The government will not only be denying people the opportunity to achieve their potential based on how much money their parents have, they will be denying the country the skills these people could bring if given the chance.”

He added: “I am going to leave university with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt in tuition fees, student loans and overdrafts and that is with the current interest rates and �3000 tuition fees.”

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Tristan’s plea comes in the same week that tens of thousands of students and lecturers took to the streets of London to protest against the coalition government’s higher education cuts.

The National Union of Students, which organised the march on Wednesday, has also vowed to take its fight to the constituencies of Liberal Democrat MPs who might break their promise to vote against rising costs.

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