Olympic heroes finally earn their Cub Scout badge!

LONDON 2012 medal winners Chloe Rogers and Dan Bentley paid a visit to their old Scout group ... and finally earned a much-coveted badge which had eluded them.

The pair spoke to Cub Scouts about their Olympic and Paralympic experiences and put on a demonstration of their sports.

A former Cub Scout with 1st Dunmow Panthers, Dan, who won a gold medal in the Boccia team event at the London Paralympics, said: “It was really nice to be invited back to my old Cub Scout pack, where they involved me in all of their activities, including an assault course at cub camp.

“The Cubs really enjoyed my visit and I feel that they really benefited from it and they were really good at boccia.”

After checking group records and inspecting the athletes’ Cub jumpers, it turned out neither had achieved the honour of getting a health and fitness badge, which was quickly rectified.

Jackie Martin, from 1st Dunmow Scout Group, said: “We thought they both might have done enough to have earned the badge.

“Everyone at 1st Dunmow Scout Group is really proud of their achievements and dedication to their respective sports.”

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Olympic bronze medal-winning hockey player, Chloe, a member of 1st Dunmow Tigers and Paralympic bronze and gold medal-winning boccia player,

Chloe was delighted to finally be presented with the badge.

“It was a lovely evening and all the cubs applied themselves to trying out hockey,” she said. “The presentation of the badges ended the one omission on my Cub Scout jumper!”