Owners of extraordinary house open it up for supper club

THE OWNERS of an extraordinary home are introducing the supper club to bring strangers together in an even stranger house.

Inspired by a passion for food, people and conversation, the Talliston Supperclub is an intimate private dining room created to satisfy appetites for a friendly and adventurous eating experience.

John Trevillian, who owns the house, said: “Strictly for those in-the-know, it’s a unique experience of a kind that you won’t find in any restaurant guide. Akin to speakeasies from an earlier era, most underground restaurants are the best-known secrets in town – and responsible for reinventing the dining experience; one lovingly prepared, restaurant-quality meal at a time.

“We ask no more of our guests than that they arrive with a civilised manner, something to drink and a financial contribution. In return, they’ll enjoy a four-course set menu where food is key, but there’s also the chance to explore the rooms of Talliston and stay around after dinner to chat with fellow diners.”

Talliston is a 25-year art project designed to transform a council house into something exceptional that has to be seen to be believed.

The two new events at Talliston for 2013 are: Down The Rabbit Hole Dinner Party and The Haunting of Manse L’Estrange Dinner Party. For more information e-mail info@talliston.com or call Mr Trevillian on 07760 171100. Alternatively, look up Talliston on Facebook or Meetup.