Paws Off Thaxted protest against housing development

District councillor for Thaxted, Martin Foley, said "greedy" developers needed a "lesson in people p

District councillor for Thaxted, Martin Foley, said "greedy" developers needed a "lesson in people power" from the people of Thaxted. - Credit: Archant

“People power” and canine resistance have been called upon to oppose the latest application to build 100 houses in Thaxted.

Campaign group Hands Off Thaxted (HOT) has organised a protest dog walk against the plan for the field between Walden Road and Watling Lane this Saturday, as well as a public meeting on December 2.

Outrage by residents intensified with the publishing of an article in the Daily Mail, in which the newspaper made the claim that ‘Gladman is now so confident it can bulldoze past local objections that it does not charge farmers an upfront fee for its services,’ it says, adding landowners can increase the value of their land by a multiple of 50 or 60 by transforming agricultural land into development sites.

About 360 letters of objection were written by Thaxted residents within three days of being advised of the new plan.

Both Gladman’s initial proposal for 120 houses – rejected by the district council but being appealed by the developer in January – and this current application for 100 houses on the same field are vehemently opposed.

“The proposed development will ruin one of the most popular dog walks in Thaxted,” said HOT chairman, Ray Knight.

District councillor for Thaxted, Martin Foley said: “Greedy developers are using despicable tactics to fill their pockets and are now hell bent on ruining one of the nicest corners of England.

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“They now need a lesson on people power and that is exactly what is beginning to happen here in Thaxted.

“The vast majority of residents are behind our campaign to stop this over-development….and by God we are going to have our voice heard in every way we can.”

The Reporter approached Gladman’s but the company refused to comment.

Written responses to the proposal must be delivered to UDC by December 16.

The protest dog walk meets at the Guildhall at 10am this Saturday, with the public meeting at the United Reformed Church on Bolford Street at 8pm on December 2.