Picture gallery: Uttlesford parishes urged to make use of district’s clean-up team – the Highway Rangers

The footbridge in Arkesden DURING work

The footbridge in Arkesden DURING work - Credit: Archant

IS there an area of your village or town which looks a bit neglected, overgrown or unsightly?

The footbridge in Arkesden AFTER

The footbridge in Arkesden AFTER - Credit: Archant

If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ then help could well be at hand – courtesy of the Highway Rangers.

The Highway Rangers can tackle a wide range of minor works not undertaken by your parish council as part of its normal maintenance programme.

These include:

• Trimming back overgrown vegetation

You may also want to watch:

• Ad hoc grass cutting

• Cleaning and small repairs to non-electrical road signs and

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• Small repairs, cleaning or painting of street furniture.

Any resident can request the help of the Highway Rangers – simply submit the details of the area or item you would like to see tidied up, and its location, to your local town or parish council by letter or e-mail.

Make sure you include your own contact details so they can get back to you in the event they need more information.

They may have already included a request to tidy the area or item you have in mind in their on-going maintenance programme. But if not, they can e-mail your request to the Highway Rangers and, if it’s within the scope of their operations, it will be approved for action.

The Rangers are there to provide a service which can help make your village or town even more attractive for residents and visitors – so take advantage of them!

Please note – the Rangers are only permitted to tidy up on land owned by Essex County Council’s Highways Department or your parish council. They cannot act on private land.

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