Police “astounded” by motorists’ stupidity

DRIVERS have been reminded of the dangers of using the motorway hard shoulder after two crashes on the M11 left police “astounded at the stupidity of a significant number of people.”

There were two separate collisions on both the northbound and southbound carriageways of the M11 shortly after 11am yesterday (February 15). Several vehicles were involved in each crash and a number of people sustained minor injuries.

Road policing sergeant Colin Shead said: “We were driving to the scene on blues and twos, but were hampered by lorry drivers who were taking their breaks, car drivers parking on the shoulder to take a rest, people exercising their dogs and even children playing on the strip. There was one boy whose grandmother was stuck in the queuing traffic so allowed him to go out onto the hard shoulder.

“I’m surprised we didn’t end up dealing with a fatal crash while attending the original collision. Someone will get killed if motorists continue to act in such mindless ways.”

Officers have also advised motorists to adhere to the matrix signs for their own safety.

Sgt Shead added: “If the signs tell you to drive at 50mph it is for a reason. It is certainly not an indication for you to drive at 100mph and narrowly avoid hitting police officers in the carriageway.”