Police crack down on modified cars

BOY racers beware! Police are on the look out for motorists with modified cars in a effort to curb “nuisance noise”.

Anti-social drivers are set to be targeted by police in an attempt to enhance the quality of life for residents. Officers have acquired a number of audio analysers which can evidentially measure exhaust noise output and help prosecute motorists and even take them off the road.

The introduction of this kit will help officers deal effectively with noise pollution from vehicles in known problem areas such as the area around Lakeside shopping centre and Southend seafront.

A number of road policing officers have already been trained in the use of the specialist kits.

Road Policing Sergeant Simon Willsher said: “Drivers need to be aware of the consequences of their anti-social behaviour and consider the impact of their actions to residents and local people. Offending will land anti-social drivers in court.”

The NTI Audio Analyser will back up an officer’s court testimony with accurate evidence. In technical terms, vehicle noise levels should not exceed 82 decibels.

Sgt Willsher added: “Anti-social driving is consistently a cause of frustration within our communities. We can use these sound kits along to reassure the public and demonstrate the police action when complaints about anti-social driving are received.

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“We also aim to use these sound meters in a targeted manner on operations and events to deal effectively with offending motorists.”

The vast majority of large or big bore exhausts are illegal for use on public roads. The fact they may have passed an MOT test is irrelevant as this only checks for exhaust gasses and emission legislation compliance.