Police officers in Uttlesford to use body worn cameras in crackdown on Christmas crime

POLICE in Uttlesford are using new technology as part of the fight against purse thieves and shoplifters - and they are warning criminals that they could spend their Christmas in the cells.

In the run up to the festivities, police constables, special constables and PCSOs will be regularly patrolling the district’s major shopping and late night entertainment areas.

Sgt Colin Cox said: “Our aim is to prevent and deter shoplifters and purse thieves from committing crimes, and to ensure that everyone can have a safe and peaceful night out in our restaurants, pubs and other entertainment venues.

“I’m delighted that this year some of our officers will be using body worn cameras which clip onto officers’protective vests and, when activated, record both sound and video which can later be used as evidence in court.

“The cameras will also be extremely effective when we are patrolling town areas during the day and the evening, and will provide an instant record of any incidents of anti-social behaviour.”

There are five body worn cameras available to officers in Uttlesford and Braintree districts.

Members of the public will be able to see when a camera is in use by a red light on top of the device.

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“Our message to the thieves is clear - if we catch you trying to ruin the Christmas of ordinary people, you may have your Christmas ruined by spending it in the cells,” added Sgt Cox.