Police patrols increase for England game

POLICE will step up patrols in Cambridge for England’s match against France tonight (June 11).

England’s first Euro 2012 match kicks off at 5pm in Donetsk against bitter rivals, and Group D favourites, France - and the number of officers in cities and towns in Cambridgeshire will be increased.

Officers will provide a “friendly presence” but will “deal robustly with anyone who breaks the law or behaves anti-socially”.

Police are working with pubs and partner agencies including local authorities and the Crown Prosecution Service to prevent any problems and take action if necessary.

If officers believe someone could commit crime or cause disorder, they can use orders under Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act to remove them from an area for 48 hours. They will also confiscate alcohol if it is found in possession of children or being consumed in areas covered by a DPPO (Designated Public Places Order).

Chief inspector Nick Knight said: “If people choose to go out to watch this afternoon’s match, and maybe stay out afterwards, they should be able to do so without seeing any violence or disorder.

“Likewise, our priority is public safety so we will not tolerate anti-social or illegal behaviour.

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“We are working with pubs to make sure people do not drink too much alcohol and officers will take action to nip potential problems in the bud.”

• Anyone who has concerns about a football related event or potential public order problems should contact police on 101.”