Police urge drivers to be vigilant after numerous carjack attempts


- Credit: Archant

Police are urging motorists to “take common sense precautions” following a carjacking incident and several other reported attempts between Wethersfield and Finchingfield.

The warning comes after a white Fiat Abarth 500 was stolen when it was flagged down along the B1057 near Finchingfield by a white female at around 8pm on Sunday, December 6.

After stopping, the male driver and his passenger were approached by two men from behind who told them to get out of the car.

The woman and two men then got into the car and drove off towards Finchingfield, and the vehicle was later found burnt out along Vicarage Road in the picturesque Essex village.

Since the Broadcast covered the incident last week, residents have taken to social media to report similar incidents taking place around the Finchingfield, Wethersfield and Sible Hedingham areas.

Rachel Wilson posted on Facebook on December 24 to say she was the victim in an attempted carjack, which took place on the B1053 between Finchingfield and Wethersfield at around 4.45pm.

Mrs Wilson told the Broadcast: “A car pulled across the middle of the road with its hazards on near Petches Bridge. I slowed down and rolled down my window and a man with a beanie hat and foreign accent murmured something. Next to him was a girl with long bleached straight blonde hair.

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“As I stopped, the girl and someone else in the rear seat started getting out. I then realised what was happening. I sped off and called the police. The car was silver and had its front light out.

“It was awful, I was going to a carol service and had my elderly parents in the car with me. It was lucky I had my wits about me, my concern is that someone elderly or a young girl will stop and try to help and get caught out.

“This has the potential to get really nasty unless something is done.”

Mrs Wilson said that she had not heard from the police since reporting the incident on December 24.

Mark Brown also took to social media on December 29 after his mum and dad were the subject of another attempted carjack in Sible Hedingham.

Mr Brown said his parents were driving on Recreation Road in Sible Hedingham when they encountered a silver coloured Ford Focus with its offside front headlight not working. They drove off once they realised what was happening.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Police have been made aware of reports of a vehicle acting suspiciously on the B1053 near Wethersfield and rumours circulating on social media of attempted car jackings.

“Enquiries by officers have not disclosed any offences being committed at this time. We would advise anyone who sees any motorists acting suspiciously to call us so we can establish if anything requiring our attention is happening.

“We would always tell members of the public to take common sense precautions to ensure their safety and to never place themselves in any position which would leave them isolated or vulnerable.

“If someone tries to flag you down on a road and it does not feel right, then do not stop. Call police on 101 or 999 if it is an emergency and report what you have seen.”

The woman in the incidents is described as being in her late 20s and of slim build, with very long straight blond hair, which is worn down.

Have you seen any suspicious activity or been victim to an attempted carjacking? Contact us at editor@saffronwalden-reporter.co.uk.