Prepare your home for Christmas

Top tips for preparing your home this Christmas

Top tips for preparing your home this Christmas - Credit: Archant

We know you don’t want to think about it, but Christmas is approaching... fast!

While presents first come to mind, it’s also very important to prepare your home for Christmas well in advance.

We’ve come up with a list of jobs to perfectly prepare your home for Christmas – while you still have the time.

Here is your guide to the essential jobs around the house for November:

1. Prepare the spare room

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Christmas is a time for family, so no doubt you will have a house jam-packed full of friends and relatives this holiday season.

This means the spare room, aka the junk room, will have to be sorted out, cleaned and made welcoming.

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Perhaps think about making space in wardrobes and drawers, or even buying bigger ones to everything in.

Update the room with new bedding, cushions, lighting, rugs… little touches that go a long way in making your overnight guests feel welcome.

2. Prepare for the feast

The kitchen is where all the hustle and bustle happens at Christmas and it can easily become cluttered.

Have you heard of too many cooks in the kitchen? Well, what about too much everything in the kitchen?

Putting up extra shelves or new units in your kitchen will give you some quick and easy extra storage over the Christmas holidays when we’ve got food coming out of our ears.

And don’t forget to finally fix that leaky tap you’ve been meaning to repair.

3. Prepare for the presents

If you’ve been a good girl or boy this year, you should wake up to delicious smell of roast turkey and perfectly gift-wrapped presents.

Think about getting hold of some new bathroom cabinets to prepare for all those extra shower gels and soaps that you’ll be unwrapping on Christmas Day.

How about some new clothes storage for all of those fancy clothes you’ll be buying in the Christmas sales? And the old clothes that you just can’t bear to throw away?

And as we’re all avid DIYers, don’t forget to buy essential tools to build the toys, the cabinets, and Christmas decorations.

4. Prepare the colours

Winter is all about feeling cosy and warm inside, isn’t it?

The colour scheme in your house helps a lot with the overall feeling of cosiness.

A quick lick of paint might help spruce up some run down areas of the house, or you might even consider undertaking a whole colour revamp.

5. Prepare the festive atmosphere

Sticking to the theme of cosiness, it’s time to start thinking about the festive atmosphere.

There are numerous ways to do this, from easy odd jobs to ambitious projects.

A super easy way of incorporating the flicker of Christmas magic into your home this winter is by adding candles to your décor.

If you want to go a little further, why not install a fireplace to enjoy a glass of mulled wine in front of the flickering flames?

On a more practical note, be sure to check that the boiler is in working order – you don’t want it to break down during the coldest months of the year, when all the repairmen are busy.

Top tip for keeping warm: you’ll get more heat if you bleed your radiators regularly.

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