Record breaking Stansted Airport stays on track

A RECORD number of flights in and out of Stansted Airport kept to their flight path last year – with 99 per cent staying on course.

Statistics from Stansted’s aircraft noise department also show that more planes reduced their noise impacts on approach to landing in 2011 as a result of a Continuous Descent Approach (CDA).

94 per cent of the flights coming into Stansted performed a CDA during landing, which helps reduce noise, fuel burn and emissions – beating targets set.

Head of planning and sustainability at the airport, Dr Andy Jefferson, said: “It’s fantastic to see such an excellent performance by our airlines here at Stansted.

“Our noise work is one of Stansted’s real success stories but we’ll continue to work hard to minimise the effects as far as we possibly can.

“We are committed to seeking further improvements and exploring opportunities that will allow our modern fleet of quiet and fuel efficient aircraft to fully utilise their state of the art on-board navigation systems.”

Stansted Airport monitors aircraft noise levels and flights paths, keeping a log of the performance of each airline. Planes that veer off track can be fined – with money donated to local community causes.