Reporter helps to reunite ‘fall trio’

THREE people, all involved in a lead story from last week’s Saffron Walden Reporter, have been reunited with a little help from your local newspaper.

Last week we revealed that Marjorie Mackie, 88, from Saffron Walden, had suffered a near fatal fall in the High Street after tripping on an uneven pavement.

She was helped by a woman, known only at the time as ‘Ellie’. We now know that it was Ellie Parry, after her daughter Clare Thompson spotted the article on page three last Thursday.

We contacted Ellie and arranged a meet up on Tuesday and we were joined by The Blueberry Store owner Carolin Moore.

Carolin brought with her a bag of goodies for Mrs Mackie because the she had tumbled on the way back from town after visiting her shop, ruining the products she had originally bought.

Mrs Mackie said: “I cannot thank them enough, they are so kind. I have made so many friends since the article, it is wonderful to meet up with them and say thank you personally.”

Mrs Parry, who also brought flowers to Mrs Mackie’s flat, added: “I think anybody would have done the same as me, people in Saffron Walden are just that way inclined.”