Rock ‘n’ roll night raises money for MS Society

A ROCK and roll night has helped raise hundreds of pounds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Fiona Symonds, who has had MS for 10 years, held a celebration evening at the Foakes Hall to raise money for the charity that has helped her cope with the illness.

Despite having taken a toll on her, Miss Symonds said the evening with a huge success.

“The total money raised was �589.53, which will help people affected by MS to make their life slightly easier with medication or adaptation.

“Even though hosting this night has affected my MS and it has taken a few more days to recover, it was defiantly worth it just to see all the happy faces and the amount of money raised.”

The night kicked off with The Masquerade, who won the Helena Romanes School battle of the bands competition. They played some of their own songs, mixed in with some covers and got the crowd dancing.

They were followed by Alan’s Leg who rocked into the night before coming back for an encore.

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“I would like to thank everyone for coming out and making the celebration evening exactly that,” added Miss Symonds.