Rotary Club support Saffron Screen’s Going Digital campaign

SAFFRON Walden Rotary Club has backed Saffron Screen’s Going Digital campaign and is organising a film quiz to raise money.

SAFFRON Walden Rotary Club has backed Saffron Screen’s Going Digital campaign and is organising a film quiz to raise money.

The fun 50 question quiz can be purchased for �1 from the Tourist Information Centre or at Saffron Screen.

Quizzes will be available throughout October and all completed entries must be received by October 31 at the TIC, Saffron Walden Library, Saffron Screen or by post.

Prize for the winning entry is six free cinema tickets and a film trivia book. Plus, all returned quizzes which include a valid e-mail address will receive a voucher for a free hot drink at any Saffron Screen film.

Alan Hawkes, from the Rotary Club, said, “We are pleased to support Saffron Screen in their campaign to raise money for needed digital projection equipment.

“Quizzes are great fun for everyone and whether you consider yourself a film aficionado or not, you will enjoy getting friends, family or colleagues together to test your knowledge. “

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Saffron Screen’s chairman, Rebecca del Tufo, said: “We are delighted that the Rotary Club have coordinated this creative and engaging way to raise money for our cause. Their support is greatly appreciated and I am certain that many people will enjoy completing the quiz.”

Digital equipment is vital to Saffron Screen’s future as film distributors are rapidly moving toward digital distribution. Already, the independent cinema has felt the ‘digital’ effect and has had trouble programming some foreign language films.

In addition, many black and white classics are now being re-issued only in digital formats, so screening these much loved films will become more difficult.

Digital equipment will also ensure that films are screened in pristine condition and will allow access to a wider range of films, closer to their release dates. And, it will mean that live cultural events such as theatre, opera, sport, music and comedy can be streamed live to the cinema.

The goal is to raise �60,000 to purchase and install digital equipment. To date, Saffron Screen has raised �35,000. Donations can be made by downloading a form from or by contacting

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