Saffron Screen’s Going Digital campaign reaches half-way point

SAFFRON Screen’s Going Digital fundraising campaign has reached �30,000.

In only four months, the campaign has generated key support from the community, local businesses and small grants.

Half way to reaching the �60,000 goal which is required to buy digital projection equipment, the community cinema has thanked all of those who have donated and supported the campaign so far.

Chairman Rebecca Del Tufo said: “We are thrilled to have reached the half-way point in our fundraising campaign and have only achieved this level through the generosity of the public and our local community. Thank you to everyone who has supported and attended the cinema.

“The remaining �30,000 will be raised through special events and grants. We recently applied for six grants and are awaiting responses from the foundations and trusts as to the success of our applications.

“Digital equipment will make an incredible difference for Saffron Screen and will ensure that we can stay open for the community long into the future.”

Saffron Screen is grateful for the support for its Going Digital campaign from main sponsors: Adams Harrison Solicitors, Furniture & Things, Saffron Building Society, Saffron Insurance, and Uttlesford District Council.

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Grants from Saffron Walden Town Council and Stansted Airport Community Trust have been much appreciated, as have the generous donations from members of its audience. All donors to the campaign are listed on screen at the cinema (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

Digital equipment is vital to Saffron Screen’s future as film distributors are rapidly moving toward digital distribution. Already, the independent cinema has felt the ‘digital’ effect and has had trouble programming some foreign language films. In addition, many black and white classics are now being re-issued only in digital formats, so screening these much loved films will become more difficult.

Digital equipment will also ensure that films are screened in pristine condition and will allow access to a wider range of films, closer to their release dates. And, it will mean that live cultural events such as theatre, opera, sport, music and comedy can be streamed live to the cinema.

Donations can be made by downloading a form from or by contacting