Saffron Walden and Great Dunmow weekly crime round-up


- Credit: Archant

An attempted burglary took place at a house in Goddard Way, Saffron Walden on May 9 at 10pm as suspects tried to force the door. No entry was gained, but damage to the door was caused in the incident.

Suspects attempted to gain entry to a house in Mountfitchet Road, Stansted, on May 9, between 9am and 11am by forcing the door handle, which broke in half. No access was gained.

On May 12, suspects attempted to break into a property in Birchanger Lane, Birchanger by forcing the back fire door. No entry was gained, nothing was taken and no damage was caused in the incident.

A grey Chrysler Grand Voyager vehicle was stolen after burglars broke into a house in Rush Lane, Elsenham between 9.30pm on May 9 and 9.30am on May 10 and took the keys. The thieves got in through the front door and and removed the keys from inside the property.

Thieves stole a cash register from a property in The Heath, Hatfield Heath on May 4 at 5pm after breaking in through the front door and causing damage.

The cricket pavilion in Elsenham Road, Stansted was broken into between 8.30pm on May 6 and 9.30am on May 7 as well as a shed on the premises. Locks were forced in both break-ins and it is not known if anything was stolen at this stage.

A property in Park Street, Thaxted was broken into between 10pm on May 4 and 3pm on May 7 and thieves stole cash from the till once inside. The padlock to a garage in the grounds was also snapped off but the door was found shut. It is unknown whether the thieves entered the garage.

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A Qualcast petrol lawn mower was stolen from a shed in Monks Corner, Great Sampford, between 9pm on May 6 and 6.20am on May 7. The thieves forced the padlocks to two sheds to get to the mower.

Between May 10 at 5.30pm and May 11 at 7.30am, a building in Old Mead Lane, Elsenham was broken into after a lock was cut open. Entry was also gained to a container onsite, but it is unknown if anything was stolen at this time.

A building in Station Road, Elsenham was also targeted between 10pm on May 10 and 7.30am on May 11. A search was conducted but nothing was taken.

Entry was gained to grounds in Leigh Drive, Elsenham, between 10pm and 10.30pm on May 10 after suspects cut through a 5ft high wire fence in two places. It is unknown if anything was stolen.

Thieves stole 300 2ft lengths of copper piping after breaking into a building in Littlebury between May 10 at 5pm and May 11 at 7.30pm. The thieves entered by prising open a window to the downstairs toilet.

Entry was gained to a locked unit in Cannons Mead, Stansted between April 28 and May 12 and property was stolen from within. It is believed a stolen key was used to get into the unit.

Criminal damage was caused inside a premises in Church Street, Steeple Bumpstead between midday and 9pm on May 6. Damage was caused to a PA cabinet door, a floodlight, a candelabra and stationery was destroyed.

Three vehicles were scratched in Sheds Lane, Saffron Walden in the space of a few days. A white Toyota Ago was targeted between May 6 at 3.15pm and May 7 at 8pm. A silver Toyota Avensis was also scratched on its passenger side between May 8 at 3pm and May 9 at 6pm, and a silver Nissan Micra was hit on its nearside front and back doors in the same time frame.

A silver Kia Sportage, parked in Colyn Place, Saffron Walden, was also scratched on the driver’s side back door between 7.30pm on May 8 and 8.30 am on May 9.

A red Vauxhall Astra was scratched in Park Road, Stansted, between May 6 and May 9. Vandals also caused damage to a black Peugeot 107 in Park Road, Stansted in the same time frame by causing a dent to the passenger side.

Paint stripper was poured all over a black Volkswagen Golf, which was parked in Emblems, Great Dunmow on May 9, causing paint to erode from the vehicle.

Two tyres on a white Volkswagen LT 109 van and one tyre on a bronze Volvo V70, which were parked in North Road, Takeley, were punctured between 8pm on May 9 and 7am on May 10.

Damage was caused to a fence in Philpot End, Great Dunmow after panels were smashed. A gate was also lifted off its hinges. The incident took place between 11.30am on May 8 and 9am on May 9. Damage was also caused to a fence in Little Canfield on May 7.

Keys were removed from a silver Rover at Barnards Field, Thaxted overnight on May 5. The keys to the vehicle have been recovered.

Thieves broke into the cash box on a BT payphone in High Street, Saffron Walden, and stole cash from within. The incident took place sometime between January 1 and April 26.

A bank card and £28.79 in cash was stolen from the person of a victim in White Hart Way, Dunmow between 2pm and 2.30pm on April 22.

A cast iron table was stolen from the back garden of a property in Walden Road, Debden between April 25 and May 9.

A bay tree was stolen from the front garden of a property in High Street, Saffron Walden, between May 11 at 11.30 and May 12 at 6am.

Between May 9 and May 10, 500 litres of fuel oil was stolen from a tank in The Street, Manuden.

A red Ducati motorcycle was stolen from Newton Green, in Dunmow, between March 14 and May 7.

A bicycle was stolen from a communal car park and an attempt was made to steal another in Chapel Mill Lane, Stebbing between May 11 at 4pm and May 12 at 9.20am.