Saffron Walden and Great Dunmow weekly crime round-up

Police are appealing for witnesses after a house in Welwyn Garden City was burgled

Police are appealing for witnesses after a house in Welwyn Garden City was burgled - Credit: Archant

A criminal got into a white Ford Transit by means unknown, and stole items, between November 1 and November 5 in Ashdon on Radwinter Road.

Burglars got into a garage in Bush End, Broad Oak, and searched it, between 12.30pm and 2.45pm on November 18. They left without stealing anything.

Fishing equipment worth £3000 was stolen after burglars got into a garage by breaking the door handle. It happened between 5pm on November 17 and 10am on November 18, in Alsa Gardens, Elsenham.

Someone stole £60 worth of fuel at a patrol station on London Road, Newport, on November 18 at 4.05pm. They drove up to pump four, filled up their silver Subaru Forester, went into the kiosk, walked around, went back to the car and drove off.

A burglar got into a building on the High Street, Saffron Walden, by breaking the downstairs toilet window between November 17 at 8pm and November 18 at 7.30am. They broke the security alarm and conducted a messy search, but nothing was taken.

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Deep scratches were made to the passenger and drivers side car door on Freshwell Street in Saffron Walden between November 11 and November 14.

More than 90 solar panels were stolen from a house in Hawkspur Green, Thaxted after criminals broke a fence to gain access. It happened between November 17 and November 18.

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An iPhone has been stolen from a shop in Chelmsford Road, the Rodings, on November 17. The victim realised he had lost it in the store, but when he went back to find it, the staff had not seen it. He knows someone picked it up and took it because of an app on the phone.

Someone has taken a phone from a secure locker in Dunmow Road, Birchanger, on November 19 between 11am and 7pm. The offender did not force the lock, the phone was in a closed handbag, and nothing else was stolen.

A back bedroom window was levered open so someone could get into a house in Hatfield Broad Oak on November 18 at around 8.10pm. Once inside conducted a messy search and stole £100.

All of the rooms of a house on Dunmow Road, Hatfield Heath, were searched when a criminal got inside by smashing a downstairs window on November 18 between 2.01pm and 2.07pm. They took the security cameras from the hallway and two cans of coke from the fridge, before leaving the house through the back door.

It is unknown what was stolen from a house in Hatfield Broad Oak on November 18 between 2pm and 6.30pm after burglars got into the house through a window and conducted a messy search.

DVDs worth £400 were stolen from a shop on Stortford Road, Great Dunmow, when the person hid them in their bag and walked out of the shop on November 21 between 8.30am and 12pm.

Damage was caused to two garages on Whiteshot Way, Saffron Walden, when people tried to get inside between November 18 at midnight and November 19 at 7.48am. The people did not manage to gain access.

Someone tried to get inside a house by smashing double glazed windows on Thaxted Road, on November 21 between 1am and 7.14am. It was not successful and nothing was stolen.

A pedal bike was stolen from outside a shop on Chapel Hill, Stansted, between 3pm on November 19 and 2.45pm on November 21. It had not been securely locked - it was leaning against the shop window.

Diesel was taken from a JCB Fast Track 145 Tractor in The Sampfords between November 18 and November 21 at 11.06am. They damaged the fuel cap and made off with the diesel in water drums, which were also stolen. It is believed that they also tried to take the battery or fuel from a digger, as it was damaged as well.

Front and back number plates were stolen from a blue Rover on Birchanger Lane between 3.30pm on November 21 and 5.30am on November 22.

A garage door handle was smashed off when someone got into a site on Alsa Gardens, Elsenham, but nothing was taken. It happened between November 17 at 4pm and November 18 at 1am.

In Felsted, on Grange Lane, a car that was parked near the victim’s house in a shelter has been stolen between 4pm on November 20 and 8am on November 22. It is a Holland Boomer 25.

Milk and juice has been stolen from outside a house on Sparrows Lane, Hatfield Heath, on November 21, between 7.30am and 11am. The person also took the milk holder.

Items have been taken from a garage in Hatfield Heath between November 21 at 12pm and November 22 at 7am. The criminals got inside, searched around, and then left with the stolen property.

A blue female child’s mountain bike, with a black saddle, was stolen from a back garden in Laws Close, Saffron Walden on November 20. It is unclear how the thief got into the garden.

Someone has keyed the bonnet and offside of a blue Fiat 500 that was parked on Thaxted Road between November 20 at 12pm and November 22 at 8.45am.

This is the second time tyres have been slashed on cars belonging to a victim on Woodside Green, between October 3 at midnight and November 11 at 9.55am. The first time was a white Fiat 500 and the second time it was a silver Mercedes A190.

A tidy search has been conducted on a garage, on Station Road in Elsenham, which is not attached to a house. Items were taken between November 22 at 9.30pm and November 23 at 10.27am.

At some time between November 22 at 7pm and November 23 at 7.15am, a Makita multi-tool was stolen from a white Ford Transit Connect van after a messy search was conducted.

Offers were stolen from a Church on Church Mill Lane, Stansted, between November 18 at 11am and November 23 at 2.31pm. The thieves removed the lock on the offertory box and took the money inside.

Criminal damage was caused to a building when criminals smashed a top window on Station Road in Stansted between November 22 at 5pm and November 23 at 9.51am.

It is believed that the same people who have before stolen fuel from Princes Well, The Sampfords, brought back the drum they stole and tried to take fuel from a digger, but were unsuccessful. They also got into a wooden shed and took ten bags of cement. It happened between November 22 at 4.45pm and November 23 at 9.50am.

Property was removed from a garage in Station Road, Littlebury, On November 24, after damaging the door. The left via the same way they came in.

A woman’s purse was stolen from her pocket while she was shopping in Hill Street, Saffron Walden, between 10.15am and 11.30am on November 24.

Entry was forced into a storage shed on Radwinter Road between November 23 at 3pm and 7.04am on November 24, and property was taken.

Litter thrown out of a car window caused a crash on November 24 at 11.13pm in Birchanger. It went onto the other side of the carriageway and caused the driver of a grey Skoda Estate to crash.

A dropped wallet was found again, but with nothing inside it, on Start Hill this week. The items inside had been taken between 8.30pm on November 18 and 4.05pm on November 25.

Criminals stole a car, which is a black Vauxhall Vivarowhich with bright green sign writing on its side, from Station Road in Great Dunmow between November 24 at 8.15pm and November 25 at 10am.

A smaller handbag was taken from inside a larger handbag, which was on the floor, from King Street between November 24 at 3pm and November 25 at 11.30am.

Someone used a unknown tool to force open the back door of a white Ford Transit in Thaxted and take items from inside. It happened between November 21 and November 25 at 1.12pm.

Anyone with information should call the police on 101.

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