Saffron Walden author explores the opposite of sex in dystopian debut

Katrina Mountfort, of Braybrooke Gardens, Saffron Walden, has just completed her dystopian trilogy.

Katrina Mountfort, of Braybrooke Gardens, Saffron Walden, has just completed her dystopian trilogy. The first, 'Future Perfect' is available in paperback from December 22 and can be orded from local bookshops, as well as Waterstones. The e-edition is already available on Amazon. - Credit: Archant

A dystopian world in which men and women have become so alike that no attraction can exist between them is conjured up in a new trilogy by a Saffron Walden author.

Katrina Mountfort, who turned 50 last week, first started writing the ‘Blueprint’ trilogy ten years ago, and has now finished the three works, with her debut ‘Future Perfect’ coming out on December 22, just in time for Christmas.

“The theme of the whole novel is body image,” says the Braybrooke Gardens resident, who works as a medical writer while penning fiction in her spare time.

“It’s inspired by the fact that women are under pressure to be increasingly thin, more than ever men wax off body hair. Both sexes aspire towards an androgynous image.

“In 150 years men and women will be impossible to distinguish from one another and attraction will die out between them.”

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The book is set in a fictional domed city somewhere in the UK, though Katrina says it most resembles the Peak District, which she regularly visits with her husband Gerry and two dogs.

“A character finds herself attracted to a man. They are both striving towards an impossible ideal of perfection but this changes what makes a woman a woman and a man a man,” she said.

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The book is published by independent publisher Elsewhen Press and available to order through local bookshops, or online on Amazon, on December 22.

For more information on the Blueprint trilogy, go to

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