Saffron Walden author releases final instalment of trilogy

Katrina Mountfort's new book, Freedom's Prisoners, came out on November 14.

Katrina Mountfort's new book, Freedom's Prisoners, came out on November 14. - Credit: Archant

A new dystopian fiction written by a Saffron Walden author came out in paperback last week (November 14).

This will be the third book in a series by Katrina Mountfort, 51, who has lived in Saffron Walden for ten years.

It is about a future where people live in huge domes, are celebrity obsessed, and are forbidden from having personal relationships.

A couple manage to get out, and now have to live in the primitive communities that exist outside of the dome.

The first book is called Future Perfect, the second Forbidden Alliance, and this new book is called Freedom’s Prisoners.

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Katrina, who earns a living as a science writer for medical journals, said: “It’s been a thrill because writing was something I wanted to do my whole entire life, but it’s actually tinged with sadness, when you’ve spent so many years with a group of characters it’s hard to leave them behind.”

It has been out as an e-book for two months now, but the paperback, published by Elsewhen Press, came out on Monday.

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She is just about to move back up to York this year, where she grew up, but said she has “absolutely loved” living in Saffron Walden because it’s “beautiful”, a “friendly town”, and the friends she made here have “been very supportive” of her writing.

Katrina has lots of ideas of her next book, including a ghostly romance.

The book is available from Hart’s Books in Saffron Walden and on Amazon.

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