Saffron Walden based investigators on lookout for clues

THINK of private investigators and you immediately draw conclusions of a cloak and dagger, espionage or an image of a man sitting at a desk pulling a bottle of whisky from the bottom drawer.

But it isn’t the case according to a new firm on the block in Saffron Walden. Its founder, Heather Nesbitt, is eager to break down the taboos.

“Many people think of it as a seedy business but it really isn’t,” said the former police officer. “It is a bona fide business and we are genuine professionals. We have a duty to make sure what we are doing is correct – we never take on anything which we feel is immoral or illegal.”

Heather started her business – Heather Nesbitt Ltd – in Hertfordshire but this week officially opened the doors to her new offices in King Street.

Part of the job is to provide services such as asset tracing, surveillance, tracking down debtors and sweeping houses for bugs – the work can certainly be varied.

“We work with solicitors, private individuals serve documents from the court or do surveillance work,” said Heather. “We also search houses and businesses for bugging devices. We get a lot of that from divorced couples or because of industrial espionage.”

One aspect of her work Heather is particularly keen to promote is their training programmes, but the firm also helps out at community and charity events.

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“We recently held an event at The Bell in Wendens Ambo to raise funds for the playground,” she said

“The event was attended by 40 schoolchildren. They carried out a crime scene investigation, learnt how to take finger prints, followed clues and took photographs. They each got a CSI badge and an evidence goodie bag to take home.”

The firm also provides conflict management courses, training in investigations and online protection, and fun, interactive Murder Mystery packages for businesses – which will be assisted by the Saffron Players. There is also a conference room available for hire by the public and businesses at the new offices.