Saffron Walden Carnival 2011: Comedy Store stars set for the stage (July 5)

BAVARIAN / COMEDY NIGHT COMEDY Store comedians Paul Thorne, Jarred Christmas, Paul Tonkinson and Tom Stade will open proceedings on Tuesday as a new partnership of comedy and a Bavarian Oompah band bring a Barrel of Laughs to the carnival.

• Tonkinson is a first class act, bullet-proof with a plethora of universally funny material.

• Thorne is one of Britain’s most established and sought-after stand-ups.

• Christmas has a unique comic talent with a character all of his own.

• Canadian Stade has made the UK his home and has a distinctive laid-back style.

The night will be completed by the returning Bavarian Band. A fusion of thigh and lederhosen slapping, participants will need to practice their yodelling techniques and prepare to sleep for a week in preparation for the event of all events.

Tickets: �15

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Saffron Walden Round Table Marquee, The Common

Doors open at 7.30am

Tickets: Carnival caravan in Market Square or

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