Saffron Walden diving club needs new home

Divers club needs home

Divers club needs home - Credit: Archant

The Saffron Walden Diving Club, which has been at Friends’ School for 20 years, is having to find a new home and a new place to store its equipment.

Divers club needs home

Divers club needs home - Credit: Archant

The group, a member of the British Sub Aqua Club, trains in the town and takes people scuba diving in the UK and abroad.

But now the school has said although the Victorian pool is safe for swimming, it can no longer withstand the use of diving tanks.

Diving club spokesman Nadine Michaelides told the Reporter: “Scuba diving has been an increasingly popular sport. We have 50 members aged between 17 and 50. Losing the facilities is catastrophic for us and also prevents townspeople from trying out a new and exciting sport.

“What we need most urgently is somewhere to store our equipment including a heavy compressor. We are also looking for another swimming pool to use.”

In September 2014, the club was given a year’s notice that it had to leave Friends School. It has since been given an extension until Easter but still hasn’t been able to find a home.

The head of Friends School, Anna Chaudhri said: “We do appreciate that it is difficult to find a suitable venue which comes with storage, which is why we have extended the notice period twice.

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“However, our indoor Victorian pool, as time ticks by, is sadly not equipped for the use of diving tanks and the wear and tear on our much loved pool is becoming too great.

“It remains in constant use for other community swimming groups and of course our own pupils’ weekly swimming lessons. The storage space has been redesignated for student use. Although it looks like a spacious building, there is very little empty space so unfortunately we were unable to offer an alternative. We wish the diving club all the best in finding a new venue.”