Saffron Walden Grumpy Cat look-a-like feline thought to be stolen

SWS 33 Grumpy Cat's Mum

SWS 33 Grumpy Cat's Mum - Credit: Archant

A look-a-like to a famous cat, Saffron Walden’s own answer to Grumpy Cat, has gone missing.

The town has two cats who resemble the crabby kitty who received over seven million ‘likes’ on her Facebook page and appeared on the front pages of The Wall Street Journal and New York magazine.

In June, we discovered Mash, a boy cat, who lives in Saffron Walden near the High Street, a three-year-old longhaired Persian and his mum Mimi who both look alike and both look permanently cross. Now Mimi, aged nine has gone missing, believed stolen and the Clare family who own her have put out a desperate appeal.

Kelly Clare told the Reporter: “Our beautiful Persian cat Mimi has been missing since the early hours of Friday morning (August 7). She is very small and timid with wispy white fur. She has a nervous disposition and we are very worried about her.

“At 2am on Friday morning, a car was seen pulling up outside our house on Margaret Way and someone was feeding Mimi from a saucer. We are concerned that this could be connected with her disappearance. We want to get Mimi home.”

The original Grumpy Cat who became known for her permanently surly expression, shot to fame after an image was posted on social news website, Reddit in 2012.

Earlier this year, Annika Joy, 18, of Saffron Walden, spotted our own moody-looking feline when walking on Margaret Way and said “I just had to take a picture”.

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She posted a snap of the pouty puss on Twitter saying: “Don’t go out into Saffron Walden alone guys because demon cat is out on the prowl.”

Now sadly, it seems that someone has really captured his mum, who has a similar expression.

INFORMATION: Anyone who has any information on Mimi’s whereabouts should call Kelly Clare on 07837 851632.