Saffron Walden man injured in pot hole cycle accident

Gary Coburn's injuries

Gary Coburn's injuries - Credit: Archant

A Saffron Walden woman is urging cyclists to be extra careful after her husband suffered a broken wrist when a pot hole caused him to fall off his bike last week.

The pot hole in Wenden Road

The pot hole in Wenden Road - Credit: Archant

Anita Coburn, 33, said her husband Gary was cycling along Wenden Road towards Audley End Station at around 5.30am on Wednesday, September 23 when he hit the pot hole, which then caused him to collide into a bollard.

Mr Coburn, 37, who works as a police officer for the Met, was on his way to catch his train to London when the incident occured, and as well as the broken wrist, he suffered further injuries to his elbow and has been signed off work for two weeks.

The couple have two children, aged 10 weeks and 5, and Mrs Coburn says the injury has made life very difficult for the family.

She said: “It’s not easy, as he isn’t able to dress himself at the moment, and things have been quite a struggle.

The pot hole in Wenden Road

The pot hole in Wenden Road - Credit: Archant

“We reported the pot hole to the Essex Highways Agency straight away as we really don’t want to see this happening to anyone else. I’m not sure how long he’s going to be off work for. I just hope it gets sorted quickly to prevent other cyclists being injured.”

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “We received a report of a pothole in Wenden Road on September 20. It has been assessed by an inspection engineer and logged for repair as part of our planned maintenance programme.”