Saffron Walden: No need to politics of party-over-people

I MUST correct Cllr Redfern’s statement that favours building a new town near Great Chesterford; this is simply wrong and scaremongering itself (‘Just scaremongering’, Reporter February 28).

We simply point to UDC’s own five years’ worth of evidence that says that a new town is the best and most sustainable solution to the housing crisis, and not dispersing housing as UDC now proposes. As the UDC cabinet member for housing, Cllr Redfern well knows this and also that UDC’s own analysis points to the fact that the Stumps Cross site is the second most suitable one in the district. has many members in Great Chesterford who don’t want to see our area destroyed by the flawed planning proposed by the UDC cabinet. As it happens, don’t believe the Chesterford site is deliverable anyway, as there is currently no land for sale and no developer interested.

Cllr Redfern could simply point this out instead of engaging in the politics of party-over-people. Many residents have had enough of national party politics driving a local agenda. That is why is proposing to stand John Lodge as a county council candidate in May to serve the people of both town and village.

Dan Starr